This is my first post, and since i figured nobody would read the introduction area, i decided to make my first post a request. About me, I love psychedelic rock from all era's, I would go as far as to say I have become an expert on Psych Rock. Today it is pretty hard for me to find good Psych rock, but i have managed to find the bands MGMT and Dr. Dog that come close enough to my needs. I've been playing guitar since Christmas 2008, but i havent had formal lessons. I would say i am an intermediate player. I have had two guitar teachers, but not for long, because of this, it makes it hard for me to learn the key and chords of songs, but non-the less, im pretty good.

As for the song, If anyone can help me, id like to know the key of this song and maybe the main riff if possible.

I think the key is A or B? am i close?