Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone else was having pain in the skin along the side of the fingernail....I have been playing guitar for about 3 years now so it is calloused already....but the pain hurts very bad, sometimes I ain't even able to play guitar when I really want to so bad. Please help with this. I have been to the doctor,and she said she didn't know what it was.
i actually have this too, and i just so happened to have asked my doctor today during a checkup. theyre called ingrown fingernails, and what i was told to do was let my fingers grow out a little bit again before cutting them, and when i do cut them, not to go as short as i can, and leave a little overhang. that way they can only grow forwards, and not out. ive also heard that you can cut a V in the middle of your fingernail so that the pressure goes into the V and closes it, instead of your finger.
also constant pressure can cause pain aswell even if only small amounts.
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i've heard about the v thing, and i've read some stuff on here about it, and doctors say don't do it. so i don't really wanna try that but i'll try that and let them grow out alot thanks