Hey i'm wondering if a buffer would improve my sound a bit as i'm using more pedals now.
My setup is - Ibanez RGA121 (with SD blackout pups)
- TC electronic polytune > Maxon OD808 > ISP Decimator (in front of amp)
- BBE sonic stomp > Boss DD-7 (in fx loop)
- Peavey 6505 head, Mesa 2x12 recto cab
The maxon, isp and bbe are always except for the maxon coming off in short passages of a few songs. The tuner is true bypass and obviously used only when tuning or to mute the signal and the DD-7 is used very rarely but still important part of the song when it is used.
What do you think???
no your fine, buffers dont really make that much difference especaily in high gain stuff, you really wont notice unless you use fuzz and some vintage effects
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Quote by Darkflame
Honestly, it doesn't change much to add a buffer... didn't do much for me, and I have 16 pedals on my board

Agreed. Unless you're running a really long length of cable, a buffer is unlikely to help much. In a live situation where there are other people playing, I'd be shocked if even you could hear the difference, let alone anyone else.

Say you have 10 true bypass pedals. Between cables and circuitry, that might be 10 feet long. Then you have 10 foot cable to your board, and a 20 foot cable to your amp. That gives you 40 feet of cable, assuming you're not using any effects. Which seems really unlikely, sine you have ten of them in front of you. Nobody brings that many pedals to the party and doesn't at least use chorus or reverb most of the time, which means your 'unbuffered' signal is only traveling 20 feet. They say you should have a buffer if your run is 50 feet or more.

I say if you need more than 20 feet of cable before and after the pedalboard, screw the buffer. What you need is a good wireless system, because you're obviously playing a large stage. If you can regularly run around 20 feet on the stage, then you're regularly playing big gigs; in which case, $400 for a quality UHF system is nothing.

But if that was you, you'd be asking your guitar tech and not the UG Forum.

The moral of the story? Like so much in life, if you need to ask, you don't need it.
Quote by JasonM26
Hey i'm wondering if a buffer would improve my sound a bit as i'm using more pedals now

Why are you asking us
It's your rig, not ours. Unplug your pedals, plug straight in, play, then plug your pedals back in, if there is a very noticable tone degration when the pedals are plugged in, then you need a buffer, if not, then you don't
With active pickups, you probably don't need one to drive the guitar to pedals cable.
When the Maxon is on, it's working as a buffer (of sorts; it's buffering the signal.)
The effects in the loop won't need a buffer, since they're driven by the preamp.

All these things point to you not needing a buffer.