Hey guys, wrote a song awhile ago, and have been working on a few tunes now that I've gotten a PODxt.
This isn't quite the stuff I write, but I'm working on a solo album right now, and lets say... if you're into Dream Theater/Periphery you'll love it

Anyways, crit's on the overall mix, song, tone, anything would be appreciated

oh and of course, C4C!

The song is in my profile, by the way
that was amazing stuff man! love the tone. what program did you record that with? and did you use the PODxt as the recording interface?
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Awesome. Sounds just like KSE. Just need that black guy's vocals now :P

One thing was when the distortion came the riff was a bit dodgy, like it was falling out of time at some points. Work on that. And the intro could do with some effects if you have any, or layer something on top (harmony?) or even just let the notes ring longer.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1337638 :P
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Pretty nice, although the guitars could use some editing or rerecording, gotta tighten those up. Tone's okay, maybe too much gain though. Need to bring those up in the mix too. Drums are just okay, snare needs some more body, sounding a little weak as of now. Cymbals are a bit loud also. I'm just listening on computer speakers that don't get great bass response, so I'm not sure if you have bass in there or not, but if you don't, you should. I didn't hear any dream theater or periphery influence at all, but it was still cool.
Thanks a lot guys! This song was more for tone testing, as I'm still getting a hang of home recording!

To answer all your questions, here it is..

what program did you record that with? and did you use the PODxt as the recording interface?

I used Sonar 8 Producer's Edition, with my PODxt, and EZdrummer as my drum machine. I tabbed everything out on guitar pro for drums, and imported the midi directly into EZdrummer/Sonar.

Also, for my tone, I strictly use the Line 6 Big Bottom distortion, with the Treadplate 4x12,
Bass: 5.5
Mids: 8
Treble: 4
Presence: 4

and then for the other side, I just used the Bulb patch, which I modified a tiny bit.

I did not have any bass in this song, and it would probably help it out a lot, alas, I don't own a decent bass, nor have any of the bass expansion packs.

Also, no Dream Theater/Periphery influence in this song, because, well, I want to record simpler songs before I go off on my 6-7 minute long songs. I'll probably end up record em sometime.

Anyways, I will crit right now, and other than that, bump!