Playin some Kyuss green machine. tuned to drop c, and can't get that opening riff to sound right. the tab says its a power chord(the 7 9 part):


But that doesn' sound right at all. way to high. anyone know?
Play the 997 as 775.
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i tried it in drop c standard too, way worse. drop standard has all the strings the same as standard, only the top string changes to a c like drop d, right?

the 75 sounds better, but i've seen a video where josh homme plays it exactly in the 97 area. i'm confused.
I meant C standard tuning, as in every single string is tuned down 2 whole steps. It seems the few tabs of the song on here are like that.
Looks like C standard. You tune every string down two whole steps. EADGBE to CFA#D#GC.