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how do you rate "chromaticity"?

I've only listened to it once, so I can only say my favorite track that I can remember would be "Christmas Island."

But I would recommend it just based on that track
I first heard Macalpine on a floppy disk from Guitar Player mag back in 86/87 - bought Edge of Insanity (dug it but found aspects sterile, apart from the composition which is fab) and then was blown away by Max Security. Autumn Lords is my favourite neo classical composition (along with Beckers Altitudes) of them all.

But after that - I remeber almost burning Freedom To Fly when it came out as he seemed to be chasing that "happy" Satriani bandwagon of instrumental guitar music - I think he lost the way.

(Maybe with the exception of Premonition - although I haven't heard Chromaticity) I

I saw him with Billy Sheehan and Virgil Donati in London and it ranks as one of the worse sounding gigs ever! And we were all SO excited...

I wish he'd get back with Atmur Anur and Deen Catrosnovo and do a follow up to Max Security: harmonically and compositionally he was onto something truly unique.
I prefer Tony's work with Planet X to his solo stuff (or the lame Ring of Fire). MoonBabies is probably the best thing he ever recorded!
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Macalpine is the man! I just more people knew how talented he really is. Not only is his guitar work amazing but hes a frickin virtuoso on piano as well. Maximum Security is my favorite album and Key to the City gets be all up in ridiculo everytime I hear it.