I know this is probablly really late but a few weeks ago Ernie Ball strings had a contest were if you found certain colored guitar picks with a image of Slash on them you won a prize . Anybody here know what im talking about? If so could you say what color pick you won and what prize you/will be recieving. And yes I did find a pick i'll say what color if i get at least one decent response.
Donnell McKnignt
they all give you somethin but the golden one is the grand prize just google ernie ball slash contest and u will get the info u need
No sorry if I wasnt clear yeah I know it ended i was asking people here what color pick they got just curious i got a golden pick
Donnell McKnignt


EDIT: If you're just curious to see if anyone on this site received any prizes, and not curious as to what the prizes actually are like I originally interpreted, this is still the wrong forum to do so.
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