I've been playing for about 10 months now and have pretty much gotten the basics down (with the exception of legato, which is an ongoing process) and want to move on to learning some solos. I'm thinking of starting with "Search and Destroy" by the Stooges, since it seems kind of easy, but I could use some other easy ones to work on simultaneously.

I like:
Classic rock (The Who, Pink Floyd, Rush, etc.),
Classic metal (Judas Priest, Metallica, etc.)
Noise rock (Sonic Youth, Big Black, Jesus Lizard, etc.)
Stoner (Electric Wizard, Sleep, Kyuss, etc.).
Classic punk (The Stooges, Scratch Acid, etc.)

Any general tips would also be greatly appreciated.
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Maybe try the beginners' solo thread?

That'll learn me for misspelling "solo" in the search bar. Much obliged.
The "Smells Like Teen Spirit" solo is pretty easy because it only covers the vocals.