Hey guys, it's been a long time since I've posted anything in this neck of the woods. I just got a new keyboard, and just decided to record myself playing a piece I learned last night after an hour or so of practice. My keyboard sounds really good, but the mic on my laptop sucks so I used the mic from my tritton gaming headset, and it sounded OK.

I have a MIDI/USB adapter for the keyboard and was wondering if there are any free programs out there to enable me to record directly into my computer. Audacity does not support MIDI.

Anyway, check out my newest MP3 and give me feedback on the sound, how I can make it better, and anything else you guys can think of. It's on my profile.

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very nice piece and well executed. also using a gaming headset mic totally 's

Reaper is a free DAW that is miles ahead of Audacity; you can record MIDI into it as well as do things Audacity can't even dream of doing.

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