after a long time deciding on what amp would great for me, i have decided on a mesa boogie f-50, but i cant find any where in australia where i can buy a new one. will just have to go to a shop like billy hyde and ask for them to order one in or because my budget is around $1000 (aus) should i just get a second hand one from america on ebay? thanks for any feedback.
you can't...

lol jk

You could order one in from Billy Hyde but that will blow your budget wayyyyyyyyy out of the water. If you can find one on ebay go for it but good luck finding one. Lastly the import costs and shipping, from bringing it in from America, then a new transformer or step-down box will bring the price up to something on par with what you can buy here.

So for that price... you really can't
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For $1000, the only thing Mesa you could get in Australia would be a cab/amp cover with the Mesa logo on it, a V-Twin/Bottlerocket or maybe an old Studio Preamp or .22cal.