So here's the deal... I'm building this guitar. My brother and I cut the wood (black walnut) ourselves and the body's turned out great, so now I'm ready to invest in it some. But I'm on a budget, so I'd like your opinions on some of the parts. Here's a picture. It still needs stain, and that angle doesn't show the curves well, but I think it looks good.

Earvana Compensating Nut This would be opposed to buy a $4.50 plain old nut blank and slotting it myself. My questions are a) is the difference significant enough to warrant the extra $30, and b) could I cut on of these myself? (I'm working with my dad's friend, a fairly experience woodworker).

Gotoh 510 Stud Mount Bridge Would this bridge have significantly better sustain than a Gotoh Tune-O-Matic?

I've heard that although oak bodies and necks don't sound very good, oak fretboards do just fine, which is good because I have a lot of oak readily available. However, as I've heard it sounds great with walnut, would ebony be a better bet? Bear in mind that the main goals with this guitar are good sustain and a "shouty" tone.

As for the actual guitar, how precise do the fret measurements need to be? Thousandths? Hundredths? Tenths of an inch? Will two part epoxy be a good sealant? How should I go about installing the truss rod?

Well, no offense meant, and the shape is up to you, but with a body shape like that, won't it get in the way of the upper fret access? And are you leaving the signatures? whose are they?

I don't really know much about that bridge per say, I check out some videos on youtube or talk to GG&A, although Gotoh does have some very nice bridges.

the nut, normally you can intonate a guitar at the bridge, so I don't see how it would differ a ton from a properly intonated bridge, although again, I have no experience with it personally.

For woods, you should check out the Ultimate Tonewood Thread, also, Warmoth has a very comprehensible list an sounds of tone woods that is very useful.

For frets, hundredths would probably be decent, although Thousandths would be best and you wouldn't need to go much more precise than thousandths. Stewmac has a very good fret calculator which you may find handy.

What are you epoxying? The truss rod should go in a slot in the neck under the fretboard. You should either route out this channel or cut it on a table saw. Try to get the channel so the truss rod fits nice and snug with no rattling at all.