Well ive had it for a couple weeks now but ive been waiting to get access to a better camera than what i have, so. Here it is my (mostly)new Washburn WM24V. It has an LFR, Randall UL in the neck and a Randall Ultra XL in the bridge, inlay-less neck(soon to be fixed with special order sticker that look like a JEM Tree of Life inlay) locking nut(duh) and Grover tuners. only paid $450 for it (price for it on the Washburn website was 719.00 and the original price on it was 650.00 so i think i got a good deal on it) broke a string a couple hours ago so had to fix the tension and i need to go back and fix the tuning now that ive adjusted the spring/string thing. pics in next post
Stuff 005.jpg
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I love those Washburns....
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
thanks i was originally gonna get a $200 Ibanez RG from the guy but he said if i put down half he would put the Washburn on layaway for me so i got the Washburn instead
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idk man, MF has it new for $449. Don't go by the manufacturer's site, they always give the MSRP, not the dealer's price. Were the components upgraded?

Either way, it's a good looking guitar, I love the red/black scheme. HNGD
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i got it for 450.00 including tax so its not a bad deal i dont think not for the discontinued (?) 08 versions (i put ? by discontinued because ive heard talk that the WM's were discontinued but im not sure though)