Hey UG. Here's a quick rundown of what I'm working with, and my problems.

For starters, my guitar is an LTD m1000 Deluxe, EMG 81/81.
Amp is a Peavey Vypyr 75 Watt. Saving up for a 6505, but I need to work with what I've got.
I generate distortion using my Metal Muff. Imo, no better pedal out there.

The problem is, I can get a great death metal tone down, at lower volumes. Then, at higher volumes, the same settings make the treble HORRIBLY SCRATCHY. Reducing the treble to compensate takes away the bite completely. I've tried adding mids, scooping mids, removing lows, everything I can with the EQ on my amp and on the pedal.

As for the amp being a modeling amp, the only modeling settings I use on it are the Tube setting and the XXX setting, both let me muck about with my tone as much as I desire.

I've also been considering getting a 10 band EQ. Would this solve my problems? And if so, should I place it before or after the Metal Muff?
Where is your amp? At your feet?

Most guitarists keep their amps on the floor so the speaker isn't exactly projecting the sound towards your ears, which can alter your perception of it. Try placing the amp on a chair or something so the speaker is higher up and re-EQ'ing the sound you want.

An EQ pedal might help, but if you're planning on upgrading your amp then you should probably wait. You might not have the same problem with the new amp and the money for the pedal would be better spent on it.
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My amp is on the floor, and I'm aware of the whole treble die-off thing. I've literally sat there with my ear to the speaker and still can't get the treble to stop increasing exponentially.