Gonna be gettin a new acoustic soon...Ive been looking at yamahas but I have no experience with them. Also been lookin at the Ibanez EW series. But I have no experience with their guitars either...But im not partial. I want a cutaway. Thinner bodied. Preferably no dot inlays...Im dotted out. But thats not crucial. Ummm 400 is about my budget...Help?
I've seen some very nice Taylors and Hohners in that price range...
The brands to look at are Takamine, Seagull, and Yamaha at this price range. Ibanez makes some great electric guitars, but really poor acoustic guitars.
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thin bodied guitars in this price range don't sound good unplugged, and . if you're looking for an acoustic electric cutaway, and are willing to go with a standard body depth, i recommend the fgx720sca as it is well made, has a solid top, nice finish and sounds good. in natural it's $400, and while i prefer the fgx730sc a little better, the fgx720sca is pretty good stuff, and will sound WAY better than the thin bodies.

all the ibanez ew series guitars i tried out disappointed me tonewise, but keep in mind those woods on the back and sides are thin wood sheets, and many have laminate tops. not only that, but not all laminate wood is alike. the tighter the wood is pressed together, the better the sound. yamaha and seagull - particularly seagull - have the best sounding laminate guitars. could be the under wood, could be the lamination process or for all i know, it could be the glue.
I've recently been shopping for an acoustic too. Takamine's in my opinion are the best guitar in the lower price range. Alvarez are also very nice.

If you're wanting a thinner body then look at Takamine's NEX or FXC lines. They are a slimmer design built for a singer/songwriter style of guitar. That is, they are meant to accompany voice. I really like the G430 that I played and the New Yorker. I think both are made with a cutaway.

If you're wanting acoustic/electric not many people will argue with you about the quality electronics that Takamine puts in their guitars. They are high quality. My advice, go to a guitar store and play EVERYTHING!