I have this book on progressive rock guitar and it gave me a lot of crazy chords to use, but it didn't say anything really about what orders I should put them in. And it talked about modal progressions and I guess that would mean resolving to a chord other than the I chord, like a progression in Dorian would resolve to ii. Am I right about that? Can anybody help me come up with some progressions that sound something like The Mars Volta or King Crimson?
What are some of the chords included in the book? You don't have to tell me the fingerings, but just some of their names.
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well it talked a lot about movable triads (yeah i know very basic chords, but it talked about interesting fingerings.and it included augmented and diminished and suspended shapes). And altered power chords (flat 5, sharp 5, add9, add7, add 11, add sharp 11, add flat 7, etc.), and extensions on all the triads and power chords, and inversions for all the chords. oh and power chords w/ open strings.