Is there anybody else here that has been on this site, ever sense they got on there computer or whatever, replied and viewed guitar forums, and haven't even touched there guitar, within the past 24hrs or so?
I'm one of them and I just though, "Oh shit I have to practice!"
I'm lucky if I play once a week.
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if i read what you tried to say correctly then i havent like full on played my guitar in a while but i just fooled around for a few minutes a couple minutes ago
yeah, i stopped making myself practice once i was done taking guitar lessons, it felt like a chore. Now i'l play whenever i feel like it, i could go 2 or 3 days without playing, but then i might go 3 days straight doing nothing but playing guitar. I have been distracted from doing other things in life cause of UG though!
i play ocassionally. guitar is pretty fun as is UG
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I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not, but everything is against the rules at UG
its just a hobby for me, nothing serious so i dont do it when i dont feel like it. and i went from 8 hrs a day a few years ago to about 10 minutes a day now...
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It only gets in the way when I'm trying to write stuff because I'm merely procrastinating. Right now I'm trying to finish off the lyrics to a song I've been working on for over a year (partially because I've lost the original inspiration and motivation for it), but yet I'm here.
I usually come to the pit. I play guitar pretty much everyday, but I'm no pro. I'd rather waste my time talking to washed up musicians than dumbass gangbangers.
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Sometimes I'll be on ug while fingering scales or mindlessly noodling.
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Turned on the amp today. Let her warm up for an hour (forgot), and then played for maybe 3 minutes, fixed the volume levels again, and let it cool down for 2 minutes then turned it off.

Played the acoustic for maybe 10 minutes though...came up with a cool riff.. forgot it pretty quick though lol
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Sometimes I'll be on ug while fingering scales or mindlessly noodling.

those lucky scales....

haha got my tartar on my lap as we speak
thats usually where it is whilest im on UG.... so if i feel like fooling around with it , i dont have to get up LOLLLLL
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