For fourteen months I have not been able to eat like a normal person. The pain was easy to deal with but not being able to properly chew without breaking a ****ing bracket (I literally broke 8 or 9) was torture. After I get them off I am planning on immediately eating like a beast. So the question is..

What meal does the pit recommend?

Also feel free to include any input from personal experience involving braces
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MEAT. The answer is always meat. Go kill a cow and feast on it.
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everything that you've come to expect

Jolly Ranchers.
Peanut Brittle.
Rice Crispies.

...I have 1 year 8 months to go...
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I had them for a year and ate normally. When I got them off the dentist's assistant was like "What are you gonna have for your first meal with no braces?! corn?!" All excited like.

Anyway, be prepared for retainers now. And if your teeth were never incredibly crooked before you got them, you might not notice much of a difference. They didnt for me
Chocolate covered pretzels. Big ones, like the Rold Gold pretzel rods.

I broke two brackets on those...
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candy apple
gummy worms
and sorts of nuts and hard things your not supposed eat now
just eat whatever you want
Are you eating rocks or something?

I've had them for 4 years and none of them have broke while eating.

Also, I already forgot how my teeth feel.
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when i got mine off my teeth were really sore for a while so i couldnt eat normal :\
Candy Apple With Soda!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I've had mine for two years, though I just ate a ****ing huge bag of popcorn tonight at the cinema...

I should be getting them off soon, though.
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I'll never need braces, but my teeth are ****ed due to the enamel being completely gone and all. (Damn involuntary childhood sickness... >:C)
Corn on the motha fuckin cob.

There is no other correct answer.


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I apparently have to get braces soon since my bottom jaw is in front of my top jaw and my teeth are slightly screwed up
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i had braces from 4th grade to 10th grade. yea 6 years, MY TEETH ARE STILL ****ED AND I LIKE EM THAT WAY!! plus also your teeth will taste funny as shit when your tounge touches them. itll last at most 3 days. suck strange flavor i remember XD

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I apparently have to get braces soon since my bottom jaw is in front of my top jaw and my teeth are slightly screwed up

Dont bother, its a waste of time, medical insurance, and it WILL cause u constant irritation, especially when you get your wires tightened
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