carl martin plexitone or a wampler plexidrive

if u want more gain, a wampler pinnacle 2
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U nailed it great. Is that 2 diff pedals?
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Wait what kind of plexi crunch? the plexi can go from Led Zeppelin to Van Halen...
That being said, the Purple Plexi gets my vote, it is THE Van Halen pedal out there imo
For plexi tone? Definietyl not CrunchBox. It's a great simple box, but not for plexi.

I would recommend Wampler Plexidrive or Rockett pedals Animal OD.
Animal replaced my Plexidrive because it is more versatile: separate treble nad bass knobs + Snarl switch, which pushes drive into hotrodded plexi territorxy

I didn't test Rothwell Hellbender, but demos sound great.
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Lovepedal Purple Plexi ftw. The only Lovepedal pedal I actaully want to own.

it's also the only one that doesn't bore me, the Kanji's are cool but every other lovepedal is just eh at max (minus the vibe)
Ya know the best sounding pedal that comes close to my modded plexi believe it or not is the hardwire SC-2 valve distortion second would be the MI audio crunchbox but try the sc2 you wont be dissapointed
Rockett Pedals Animal Overdrive sounds very Plexi to me!

YouTube demo - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkR_HhezyLA
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Wampler Pinnacle Brown Sound, if your after a EVH tone. Normal Pinnacle if your after a Marshally tone.
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