So for a six-in-a-line headstock, the low E string is the has the shortest string length to the saddle. On a reverse six-in-a-line, the low E string has the longest string length. My questions are

1) Is this distance enough to improve the sustain? I'm not talking worlds apart here, but if the string is longer, the sustain would improve, right?

2) If there is a difference, would a locking nut negate this? It stops the almost all of the vibrations right at the nut, so would that extra string length do anything?

I don't know about sustain, but it does add just a tiny tiny tiny bit more string tension. Like of Stef Carpenters signature 8 string, it has a reverse head stock, and I think that would add just a tiny bit of extra tension to the low F# string. Can anyone confirm this?
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