So i remember when i learnt stair way to heaven when i'd been playing about three weeks and i remember it taking me like 3 months to master all of fade to black by metallica....this was ages ago. Lately I've been learning to play a lot more of the heavy metal i listen to (parkway drive, killswitch, lamb of god etc) some reasonably technical stuff(i cant sweep). I have found myself lately really wanting to get back to different stuff, i want to learn a reasonably difficult technical song that should take me a little while and a bit of practice but not necessarily just metal..... for the life of me i can't think of anything. Help?
avenged sevenfold (sweep picking stuff), coheed and cambria (can be fast in the solos but a lot of the standard riffs are pretty hard to memorize and VERY technical and odd), orianthi (shes pop but her skills are pretty sick..inspired by steve vai kind of stuff), panterA (just ridiculous lol),silversun pickups (very odd sounding,spacey riffs using a lot of effects pedals) are all pretty good bands to start learning technical stuff... really if you want to get better at your techniques just keep practicing..sweeping isnt hard either im still learning how to do it 100% but im getting better at it just remember start slowly and work your way up if you cant master it. yngwie and paul gilbert would be too hard for you to start out with lol

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steve vai's 'die to live' is an excellent song to learn. it encompasses many techniques that would be useful to any guitarist, including slides, artificial harmonics, tapped harmonics, arpeggios, jazzy phrasing (solo section) and various other techniques

maybe you'd also like to look at alex skolnick's work with testament, particularly on the albums 'the new order' and 'the ritual'. his phrasing is impeccable on those albums, and the techniques he uses covers pretty much everything you are practicing
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