I've been trying to learn to play songs by ear for quite some time and am only partly successful! I've been able to learn a few random parts of some songs and some Judas Priest songs of the British Steel album (granted I got some power chords that were the correct notes just in the wrong position.)
I was also able to get the first like 30 sec of You Lookin at Me Lookin at you by Ozzy figured out as well.

Can anyone give me some song suggestions that arent too difficult but more then just power chords? I just have no idea what songs to choose! Metal songs would be preffered as well as standard tuning! Thank yo
Some Metallica is pretty easy to figure out, on Black Album in particular.

I'm not sure if you'll like it, but so much metalcore is very easy to figure out as long as you know your scales. Even without your scales, it's still pretty easy. Asking Alexandria has some very simple riffs. It's also funny to listen to some of their breakdowns because they can get really stupid and it sounds like they're trying too hard.
Scale shapes are the best for learning by ear.
Try learning Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth or Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold, I learnt most of both of those songs by ear
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Try and figure out simpler stuff first. Just stick some pop radio on and try and play along.