As a brief first "real" project, I'm in the planning stages of building a cabinet. Same dimensions as a Marshall angled cab, white tolex. Anyways, I came across this Fender product, and it seems to make wiring a cabinet really, really, easy.


I'm pretty new to head/cabinet amps, having played nothing but combos before. If I wired this in to the 8ohm speakers I currently have, and built the cab like that, would the setup shown in the diagram work?

Link to diagram (BIG PIC)

The green line represents a possible continuation. If using the fender jack plate works as I hope it will, I would build a second cab that's nearly identical and have a cord running from the 1st cab to the left input on the 2nd cab.
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the first link wont work unless your making a duo speaker system and not a 4x12 cab.

and umm i think you got some shiz real ocnfused as in the pic u had made
in the 2nd pic, i have nearly no idea whats going on

and ive spent quite a while trying to understand this now...
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This will in no way work.
1. Headphone jacks do not have enough power in them to power an 8Ohm Cab.
2. That thing on eBay will not work for a 4x12" only a 2x12" or 2x10" or any other size.
3. The left and right outputs are in no way connected.
4. I think you're missing the meaning of Stereo. Stereo means a pair, generally, Left and Right. To use stereo, Your amp must have Left and Right outputs.
5. Well, I don't really have a number 5.

Save up your money or something, and but an Amp Head.
Report back when you've bought a good one.
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