Give Hand Of Taurus a listen guys, Here comes some in your face fist pounding, make your bottom lip frown and punch your grandmother in the ****ING throat polyrythms! Anyone interested in helping out with vocals pm me


Opinions greatly appreciated!
I'd actually be interested in doing something with the band, but kinda lack the equipment. I really love the sound, though. Very Meshuggah, I love it.

If there's anything you might need, just PM me.
good stuff man
Bestow upon me magic
Wizard, all knowing, all wise (solo)
I want to rule this kingdom
Make sweet the breeze now defiled (solo)
Dethrone the evil prince's iron fists
In velvet gloves of sin (solo)
Well once this mixing work is complete and I have time to record the rest of the songs and do some mastering I should have a decent EP for download, I'm currently looking for individuals to do vocals if anyone is interested pm me.