I have the strangest problem with MIDI on my PC, i thought why not ask and see if anyone has the answer, i have tried googling, but could never phrase my search to get results because its a bit of a odd error.

So i load up fruity loops, turn on my Yamaha keyboard (PSR-640). I load up FL keys and play on my keyboard. both the computer and the keyboard are playing th same note (by ear). Yet in FL studio the note on the piano roll is always 3 keys higher than that of my keyboard.

Now i load up Guitar pro. I pick a note on its keyboard, and to get the same note i have to play 3 keys lower on my keyboard.

Any ideas as to what is going on?
Giving this a little more thought. If my keyboard is tuned 3 notes higher, Then FL is perhaps displaying the actual note I'm playing, and this would make sense, because guitar pro is definatly correct because i play my guitar along to it. so basicly i think my keyboard is out of tune by 3 keys lol
look for the transpose function on your keyboard, you should be able to set it back to normal.
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Your keyboard is transposing higher by the way.
Easy fix.

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Thank you, i have fixed it now, how very annoying, all those songs i learnt now i have to learn them again