if you guys haven't done this before... it's pretty neat. but if you have, wait until the end for discussion...


now that you have done that one, try this next....


now, discussion....

This is where the article comes from


Some people say that these studies have no meaning and that these efforts/grant money should be used for other things. now i haven't read Simon's article on this but i can reassure you the implications for this study can transfer to other things, such as advertising and governmental policies (such as selective attention while driving and talking on the phone)... what do you guys think?

i first saaw this video in a lecture for one of my Psychology of Perception class. i graduated with a psych major so i'm just interested in what you guys think

has this thread been done before? let me know
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i saw this in my psych classes so i was prepared. still interesting though!
In the second one I was too busy watching the hot one in black. But I saw the gorilla in both. Several of them were laughing at it in the second video, too.

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In the second one I was too busy watching the hot one in black. But I saw the gorilla in both. Several of them were laughing at it in the second video, too.


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Yeah, they should have used uglier girls.

This. Way to steal atttention!
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I've seen the first one in my Psychology class, but when I watched the second one:

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There's another one where it's like you're watching a detective movie and they change a bunch of shit around in the room during the whole thing.

Probably not the same concept, but it's still cool.
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Didn't know what to expect, but saw the gorilla in both the videos, and in the second video, saw the curtain changing colour
the second one is what intrigued me though.... cus knowing about the first video only hindered your performance on attention in the second one...

when you read the article it even mentions that there's a higher percentage of people who hadn't seen the first video that were able to catch the sudden changes, as opposed to us who knew about the first video.

knowing about the gorilla actually made us want to look out for the gorilla (we were primed) and then we missed the other two things. when i first saw the second video i caught the girl leaving the scene but not the change in color.

man, i love mind****s
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How could you possibly miss the gorilla? I was able to count the white passes as well as the black passes, and watch the gorilla do his little dance. And no, my eyes don't move independently.
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I did one of these a while ago and didn't notice the gorilla. Yesterday I stubled upon the same videos as you and spotted all of the things mentioned , just because now I knew that there was more going on than counting how many times they passed the ball, I was expecting the gorilla , but also spotted the player leaving and the change of color. I think it all depends on how focused you are.

Edit:^wel i hadn't heard of something like this before and was a bit tired , so I kept my eyes on the ball and counted how many times they passed it.I have things like that a lot, sometimes I see something somewhere and say hey! is that new? and then they tell me it had been standing there for 3 years and I walked past it almost every day.
A month ago I spotted a pretty big tower that I ve could have seen every day when I went from school to my home. But my and my friend hadn't noticed it and we both were surprised how strange it was that we hadn't seen it before because it is the only thing you can see above the trees.

Some people pay more attention to this stuff
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Hmm, the only thing I missed was the curtain changing colour. I don't see how anyone could actually miss the gorilla.

I don't need an Attention Test, I can pay attention for-- heh. This cat is playing the piano on Youtube.
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I've seen it before so I noticed it, but the first time I did it with the advert one, I was so concentrated on counting the passes I missed it. I even re-watched the video to check it was there in the first place (which it was)

I think it is pretty interesting stuff... I also find the stuff about how we don't actually hear all the words a person says but our brain fills the gap logically very interesting - that may not be true but one of my old German teachers (and she was a BIG woman, so you had to agree) told me about it and I think it's pretty true, 'cos I notice myself doing it (somehow?) every now and then.
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Its from Scanners, about ten minutes in. shite film though

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IMO its better if you didn't notice the gorilla or the curtain changing color. Noticing those things shows that you can't concentrate only on the task at hand and you let other details interfere.

Just a little thought
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First link doesn't work and I'm afriad I might ruin the tes if I read anything in here
i know not everyone will be deceived by this little study but it's interesting that some people do... attention is very limited, and yes, sometimes we do pay attention to something that is steered from the norm. but this goes to show that in certain cases we don't pay attention to things around us that might be important,

again, i bring up the car scenario because as much as people think not talking directly to your cell phone helps while driving, your working memory can only hold a small amount of information whether you are on a bluetooth/speakerphone or talking straight from your cell.

our attention is very incapacitated. and this is why i love studying the mind, because there is so much science to it
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In the second one TS posted, I noticed the gorilla and the black team member leaving the game.

They still got me with the curtains.