im looking for an old ibanez RG series, preferably all black or all white, for a sort of project. i want to put new pickups, new trem on it etc....

if anyones looking to get rid of one im looking for anything in the region of £150 - £200

let me know!
would you take £150 delivered? if so im interested! whats the guitar like on the whole if you were being honest

cheers (posted this in the other thread too)
Ive got an RG body and a jem copy neck, i can send some pictures if your interested.
My Gear:
Jackson RR3
Vox AVT30
Oh and it isnt left handed, i took the picture on my webcam and its flipped it.
My Gear:
Jackson RR3
Vox AVT30
having thought about it i think i'd prefer to start withr the guitar in one piece, this is my first time modifying guitars so i think ill give the body a miss. thanks though
Bump. Someone out there must have an rg270 or 370 they want to get rid of!