Hello, I am a half-decent bassist, but horrible guitarist. Also, I am tired of doing solo instrumental stuff, and want to collaborate and make music with other people here.

I am also part of another online band, which has like 15 songs written, and we're planning to do a 7-song-EP as soon as the drummer (which I haven't talked to in months) finally gets around to record. As a result of the slow process, this online collaboration is in kind of a hibernating state.

I, as I said earlier, will do the bass parts. I can also program decent drum tracks and synth, so these slots doesn't have to be filled.

I want to play kind of Rock, with elements of Progressive, kinda similar to the stuff on my profile, but I am an open minded person, so I won't mind if we do a bit different stuff. However, I am not looking for a style as simple as for instance Green Day or Alice in Chains (though I kind of respect, and enjoy, their stuff).

My major influences:
Buckethead, Dire Straits, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, John Mayer, Kansas, Muse, Pink Floyd, Percupine Tree, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rush, Traumhaus, and more.

It would have been even better if the guitarist also does vocals. I am not looking for growling/screaming, but if the vocalist can do that in addition to cleans, it would be kind of cool anyway.

I want as least as possible members; more members means more trouble.

I have a bit more than two years of experience, and is very creative on the instrumental part of music.

EDIT: Recording quality should least be just as decent as mine, see profile.

Communication would either be Facebook or Windows Live Messanger.

Vocals/guitars/synth: ultrasonic
Bass/drum programming (SSD): Sfaune92 (Me)
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I'm always up for rhythm Guitar if you want too.

Not a great lead player, Can do growls.
Vintage V-100, EMG 81&60
Chapman ML-1

Jet City JCA20H
I am more interested in getting a guitar playar that can do both.

EDIT: But I'll see as time goes; I might change it if needed.
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