hi there, first ill apologize to the pit for muddying your dick and fart jokes with this thread, but i couldnt find anywhere else to put it.

can anyone recoment me a good 25 key portable keyboard/synth the IS NOT A MIDI CONTROLLER. it seems like every 25 key keyboard need to be hooked to a computer, and i just want one that i can plug into an amp.
i guess im looking for a small version of the Micro korg i guess...
well, if you know of anything that sounds vaugley like what im talking about, let me know, thanks
well, price isnt a huge factor, since this is mostly out of curiosity at the moment. but i'd say under $500 USD. looking for multiple voicings, appregiator would be nice, and a pitch shifting thingy.
im not much of a pianist, but im looking for a basic synth for electronic projects
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A lot of people will suggest the MikroKorg. I suggest the Alesis Micron, which is the sae price, but has more functions. I have it.

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I have a microkorg but want to try the micron
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How about a small master keyboard and a desktop synth like a Waldorf Blofeld or a Dave Smith somethingorother? Or is that inconvenient?
I have a Korg R3, and it is simply badass. I recommend it, but it may be out of your price range
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