I want to get this grungy sound (something like Nirvana) but most people said my amp/equipment would be like highly unsuitable for that, no matter wat pedals or accessories i add into it. i've saved about $300 (US) to buy/exchange some new eqipment. Should i buy a new amp or get a new guitar? I just bought a new Boss DS-1 pedal and Ibanez tubescreamer. wat amp/guitar would work nicely with those pedals? I'm thinking i should get an amp as i dont want to spend too much...... My budget's around $300. (BTW, plz recommend something thats pretty easy to find and get in nearby Guitar Centers (US)).
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Not sure what amp Kurt used

I'm fairly certain these are the amps/cabs etc. that he used. I may be wrong though.

* Marshall Lead 12 "Micro-Stack" Kurt used later in his career
* MESA/Boogie preamp [7,8,10] - he turned "all the midrange up"
* 4 Crown 800W power sources (power amps)
* Carver power amp
* Mesa/Boogie Mark III heads and 4x12 cabs
* Small, red vinyl Marshall head and cabinet, along with several large black Marshall cabinets
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