I'm wondering what terms usually work with different parts in songs. I don't mean verse and chorus, I mean bridge/interlude/breakdown, etc

Usually I think of a bridge as sounding like it's the same exact song over similar chords, and interlude as sounding different from the rest of the song with a different tempo, and a breakdown usually as that crap that scene bands use all the time.

Is there any real necessity for naming a diferent section of a song like that?
Bridge: Usually a very short section whose sole purpose is to be in between to parts to act as a transition.

Interlude: Usually an instrumental section of the song where a new melody/solo/something is introduced.

Breakdown(1): Usually a slowing of the tempo and feel of the song. Making everything the bare minimum (hence: breakdown)

Breakdown(2): That stuff scene bands use.

But breakdowns can be very good.
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Thank you. I don't want to sound stupid when I use those terms ^^^
A great example of an interlude to me is the song Medicate from AFI, great interlude, halved tempo and melodic as hell.
i think the bridge is a little bit of chords pregression or a lick of somesort.
and an interlude is generally an instrumental piece where after that can come an outro or solo. the best song example i can think of is Prayer of the Refugee by Rise against where there are clearly a bridge and an interlude.