I was just browsing through UG looking for some Maiden tabs, when I decided to look for all of the tabs, just seeing if there is a song I didn't know and want to learn. And then I saw a button that changed my tab-searching life: Album view. It's kickass. Instead of having a terribly long list with 1331 songs (most of which are duplicates, or horrible tabs) you get them sorted by album.

Just like this

I think it's awesome, not sure since when this functionality is on the site, but I'd never heard of it.

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Yup, there are also tabs where people tab out a whole album at a time, various formats of tabbing, a suggested tab for people that liked that one, it's very funcional.


...this is new to who exactly?
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apparently TS, he was so excited he even went and made a thread about it!


There's a drawback, though. In the tab list the titles appear with only letters and numbers, so any kind of character that's not a letter or a number will disappear. For instance, a tab for R.E.M.'s "What's The Frequency, Kenneth?" would appear as "Whats The Frequency Kenneth". But in the album view, the songs do have all the characters. So it doesn't detect the song when it's got these characters, and, according to the album view, there are no tabs for it. Plus, some songs are submitted with different names: "Another Brick In The Wall Part 2" could also be there as "(...) Part II" or "(...) Pt 2".
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