It tells you what it is and how it can function....what more do you what?

I'm not just going to repeat what's in the article.
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Read the article. It's a IV chord with a sixth. About 2/3rds down the page.

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Oddly enough, there was a Stephen Fry programme on about Wagner a while back. I'm not one who's too much into Classical, I respect it. But the programme really kind of opened my eyes a bit to it all. But there was alot of emphasis on that chord and how the whole movement was completely unresolved, the listener was waiting for something to resolve it, but it only comes right near the end. Fry was going to hit the key and hit the wrong one after all that, which was pretty funny.
If you start reading at Analysis and stop at Responses and influences you will get all the information for are looking for.

Perhaps I simply misinterpreted your ability to read. If so, I recommend you start with this.

It's enharmonic to a half diminished chord. Used at the start of Wagner's revolutionary Opera tristan and isolde.

It can be interpreted in alot of different ways. Just read the article.
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MapOfYOurHead didn't troll, he gave you the information, if you didn't understand the article, then try else where. There are links where the articles have gotten their information, so try those if you don't understand Wiki
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If you follow Wagners theory on tonality, youll find that he has disregard for chord function (an idea that influenced impressionist music). Essentially, he just liked the sound of the chord and likely didnt put much thought into this chord (or any chords) functional role in the progression.

Due to the inconsistent notation of the chord, Im led to believe that it just acts as a half diminished chord. I havent heard tristan (or any wagner other than meistersinger) in a really long time, so I cant comment on the specific opera

EDIT: So basically what Griff said