This is my thread which has been closed for some reason.


It is just a link to a funny tribute video i made for Dream Theater, its not a cover but is sort of a fan video. I only posted this because it is relevant to all guitarists. I'm sure most guitarists would like to see this video as it represents the inner guitarist within all of us.

I do not know why my thread was closed. Please help.
Quote by Kyose
Youtube thread.

Your not supposed to make threads for youtube videos.

There's pre existing threads for everything it seems. What can i actually post thats alllowed and does not already have a thread made by the moderators?
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If it's not included in any of those, then it's safe to make a thread about it probably.

The youtube thread is for "OMG THIS VIDEO IS HILARIOUS"

That doesn't describe my video though. For a start its about Guitar and its not some cats hazing bugers. Isn't this forum supposed to be about guitars anyways?

If i could get a MOD to watch my video and decide whether it deserves a thread or not that would be awesome.
For some reason UG does not like you, I don't know, probably something legal?? as a very far fetched quess
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