hi everyone i have a problem
apparently my guitar has a design problem, the strings wont stay in the nut channel, it enters it well in the fretboard part but some of them are out when getting to the tuner part, i took it to both guitar shops in my city and none of them knew what to do
one said that the action was already too low for it to be cut any lower and the other one said they dont have new nuts and they suggest i try to unglue the nut if its glued in and put something under it to kind of higher the nut
now the latter advice doesnt sound to professional to me and once again i am disappointed in my guitar shops but what can i say? i got to fix it somehow
i noticed that if i pull the strings down where the guitar nut is kind of like a floyd rose retainer bar the strings would stay in their slot (which was the whole point of the retainer bar in the first place i think) but they said they dont sell/install retainer bars
any ideas on what i can do?
i can play the guitar perfectly fine, the thing is not even noticeable unless you really check it out but i'm worried about the long term effect of that thing, i'm worried that due to the string pressure the nut will be deformed over time if not broken
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They might not know what to do because there might not be a problem. I still don't think I can tell what exactly the problem is, but if you have a Floyd Rose without a locking nut, the strings are of course going to come out of the nut. Have any pictures? That might help.
What kind of a guitar do you have? Did you remove anything from the guitar? If you didn't are there any screw holes on the headstock? If so you probably have a few missing string trees.
Always tin your strings.


Don't be afraid to be honest.
my nut is fine, my guitar doesn't have a floyd rose system and i can't take any pictures of it since its at the music store right now (pickup replacement and stuff)
just so you know i have a jr.v bc rich w/ widow headstock which looks alot like this
i guess you can see even in that picture how the strings are in alot of tension due to the bad arrangement of the tuning pegs
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How about you just get a new nut?

well, part of my problem would be that i wont get any help from anyone so that would be kind of hard for me to do it on my own, and what happens if the nut would be too high, i don't have the tools to level them
if you shim the nut you`ll raise the action at the nut enough to actually allow you to cut down deeper into the nut,so that after cutting your action at the nut should be back to where is was and the strings pass through the nut properly.
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The link helped.

Is there a trem of any kind on the guitar?

Anyway, just buy some string trees. You can order them online.
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due to nonparallel strings i don't think string trees would work, i'm more keen on trying a retainer bar but i can't do that either, is guitar service in every music store this bad?
and i think i mentioned this before, if not, no, the guitar doesn't have any tremolo system on it. it's a tune-o-matic bridge
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