hi i recently bought a fender strat body off ebay it was labeled as a fender mexican body which somebody had stripped and painted badly, i received it today and stripped the paint off and i noticed it has what looks like a maple veneer on the front and back and with further inspection i noticed its made up of 5 sections of alder. i was wondering if this was a real mexican fender or could it be a squier? It has a date in the neck pocket and also ive noticed it has had the resin that fender puts on the bodys before they are painted to stop the paint bubbling, it also has copper shielding which im not sure whether someone has put that on

pictures will follow
Yea, the 3-hole thingy is typical of MIM Fenders. It looks like the Maple veneer could have been something the previous owner added. I'm thinking this because the demarcation between the Maple and Alder (or Poplar) underneath is so obvious.