Yeah I know there are like a thousand of these types of threads... but I dunno what I want.

I play mostly metal, and my favorite sub-genre would be stoner or doom. I play a lot of C Standard stuff. To give you an example, I'm currently learning a lot of stuff from The Sword. I don't have a huge budget, about 500 bucks, but I desperately want to upgrade from my shitty Squire Strat.

I was looking at some Shechter guitars, and they seem to be great bang for your buck, but are not the most versatile. The Demon 6 caught my eye. The active pick ups would be great for metal, but probably not so much for the stoner side of things... I suppose a guitar like this should be a future addition - something dedicated to metal.

And I've always liked the SG, so I was also looking at the other side of the spectrum and looking at maybe an Epiphone SG. Much more versatile, but will it deliver when I feel like playing some heavier stuff?

My amp is a VT50, so it's not a metal amp by any means, but I got it because of it's versatility and it's a great solid state amp. I'm also ordering a big muff pedal, and I've heard the Vox VT series takes pedals very well.

Ok guys... yes I'm a noob, I'll throw that out there right now... but please reccommend some guitars that fit my style and budget! I'm stuck in a rut and I don't really know what to even look at!
esp LTD, have a large range of guitar types and prices, ive got 2 LTD's EX250 and a VB400, both very good, and cheapish £500 each I think
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esp LTD, have a large range of guitar types and prices, ive got 2 LTD's EX250 and a VB400, both very good, and cheapish £500 each I think

Totally agree, there's an H-401 with Duncan Custom and Jazz pickups in it that I bet would work quite well. They're great guitars for the price. My first upgrade in electrics was an LTD, still have it, love it and it's my workhorse guitar.
Youd get an Agile in that exact price range that fits your needs.
Either one very cool LP or an extremely cool (but blue, concerning you mentioned "doom") Strat.
I'd suggest these or LTD as mentioned, they both kick major ass.
I'll have to agree about ESP as well, or Jackson, they're very easy to play and are very versatile guitars. Any brand works really, it's all about which one you think is the most comfortable. And of course bang for your buck.
I do really like the look of the ESP Viper... Probably because it resembles an SG (albeit remotely).

But since we are on the topic of ESP, they make a lot of of their guitars with active pickups... How does an active pickup handle fuzz distortion? I've never had the chance of fully experimenting with all the different sounds an active pickup can provide. They aren't very common in the stoner genre after all...

I suppose that's where I need the most advice. Should I get something with active pickups for shredding and playing aggressive stuff, and keep my Squire for other styles... or should I just get a guitar with passive pickups that is more versatile?

I wish there were more guitarists who share my passion for stoner music. There's hardly even any tabs for that genre.
I honestly would split that money in half, get a guitar in the $250 range like an Ibanez RG. And spend the other $250 on a new amp. Sell your equipment and make a few more bucks back to a bigger investment.

Just keep in mind that you can plug an amazing guitar in a cheap amp and it won't sound very good. But you can plug a soso guitar into a good amp and have very good results. Your amp is much more important than your guitar. \

But I can definitely understand wanting to upgrade from your Squie strat before you did anything else. Think about getting a new amp down the line though

So in your situation The guitar I would suggest would be some kind of Ibanez RG.

But if you spend it all on a guitar, if you have $500 do not get the Epiphone SG. You can easilky get a used Gibson SG Faded for between $400-500. At my local guitar center they have two of them for $500, and one of them was the special edition one with moon inlays.
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My Vox VT50 amp is worth like $350, though. I wouldn't call it cheap It's not like I'm gigging or anything mind you... Seems silly to get a beast of an amp and then play my rinky-dink Squire strat on it, so why upgrade it (again) before getting a better guitar?
Esp/Ltd has great guitars. But if your mainly in C and a lot of the lower tunings you might want to consider a Baritone guitar, which will be more expensive but they tend to be standard tuned in C or B. Also your strings won't be as loose like when you tune to C or B on a Standard guitar. It might not be as versatile as you would like. But think about it.
I always just get heavy guage strings to combat the slack. Right now I'm using 60 guage... which is pretty heavy (perhaps a wee bit too much, but I wanted to give em a go). I dunno if a baritone guitar is a good direction considering I've only played for about 18 months... (and self taught; aka slow process.... haha)
Ok back to my question... active pickups and fuzz distortion. Yay or nay?
Ok back to my question... active pickups and fuzz distortion. Yay or nay?

Yep the viper i have is a baritone and has active pickups, very good with fuzz, regarding stoner music, if your playing kyuss, I think the baritone will be a bit "meatY" for that, or if your more high on fire then its the bollocks, hope this helps.
Yeah Kyuss is fun to play

I don't think I'd get a baritone. I mean Electric Wizard down tunes to friggin G for some songs, and I'm pretty sure they aren't playing them on a baritone SG.

Good to know about actives and fuzz. Right now I have my heart set on a Schecter Demon 6. Just need to research those Seymour Duncan active pups.