I just made an attempt at my first recording of a song, which was That's All Right by Elvis Presley. I suck at recording, as I just found out, but I decided to put it up. Tell me what you think. http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Neal5189/
Rockabilly rules, Okay?
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Yea I just recorded it on my laptop mic. I know nothing about recording or how to do it better, but oh well
Rockabilly rules, Okay?
Oh yes I know what you were saying. I don't know if you know much about that song, but it was recorded in 1946 by Arthur Crudup, and then by Elvis in '54. So maybe that poor quality mic might be a good thing since most of the stuff I play was from before 1970.
Rockabilly rules, Okay?
yeah, i agree with the whole lo-fi mic being a plus for this kind of music. the clipping and volume fluctuation kinda threw me off a bit, but i guess the playing was pretty good. if you were singing, i couldn't hear it. not bad though for a first recording.

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Yeah no I wasn't singing, I don't think I can sing. I'm not sure lol. Maybe ill try though. Oh and I listened to your Have a Cigar cover, I liked it. I think that was the first song I ever heard by Pink Floyd.
Rockabilly rules, Okay?