Logo drawing contest for our band symbol; Winner gets $20 and a shitty cd of ours. We're called Chodestra, and we play Comedy/Rock/Improv/Bullshit. We need help coming up with a ridiculous logo combining our songs. So we need the best design that combines stuff from these songs:

African-American Dragon (Obvious)
I'm Talkin' Cocaine (Cocaine)
Blue Eyed Sally (Imagination)
He'll Call You Honey (Gay Prostitute named Bobby)
Leave Your Lens Cap Off (?)
Glory Hole (Preferably not a penis in a hole)
Special Boy (Dorky/Geeky Kid)
Stop Blowin' The Microphone (Yah)

Chodestra (The band name)
Medieval shit should be included if possible.
Obviously it can be inappropriate, but not beyond what's normally allowed for cd covers (no nudity, butt sex, etc...)

Hopefully someone gives a shit. Thanks anyways.
God damn, do you guys have a myspace or something? cause your band sounds fµckin' awesome!
I'd totally make your cover, but i can't draw at all XD
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We don't have a myspace actually. For some reason, we just never got around to making one. I'll post a few songs on my ultimate guitar profile though, I suppose.