So I saw a thread like this in the blues and jazz section, and i was intersted to see what people in this part of the fourms use.
For me, I use a Line Six Axsys212 and my Gibson Les Paul Custom 68 Reissue

Occasionally I'll use the Mesa Mark II and my Vox Satchurator, but I dont get as much gain as the Axsys unless its earsplitting loud. My V is in drop C right now, but when it gets new strings I think itll stay in standard so I can play some shreddy stuff with it
Is that a Peavey Decade? I've never seen anyone else with one. I just sold mine yesterday with my Roland Cube 30 and epiphone sg special.

All I have is my Gibson SG, Vypyr 15, and a metronome. Its all I can use until I get a Splawn Nitro and a Jackson DXMG (its a great guitar for the price, if you like basswood.)

I'm not a huge fan of the thick neck on the SG, but it could benefit me later on. I will continue to build up finger speed and strength on the thick neck, and once I get the Jackson, I will be able to move quite faster on the thinner neck.
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I use my Charvel Model 4, a Vypyr, and i'm building a pedalboard, but so far the only noteable thing on that is a Boss compressor. also saving up for a better amp, maybe a Laney AOR or something similar
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my gear:
Charvel Model 4
Custom Superstrat w/ DiMarzios (under construction)
Peavey Vypyr
saving up for a better amp
i have a pod 2.0, any recommendations on how to set it for some hair metal, until i get my new peavey amp?
Carvin Legacy and a Carvin DC145 all the way! I swear I'm not a Carvin fanboy, but for the $$$, they're the best value by far (at least in the USA).
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