So i found a person who's selling a used
ESP LTD fx-260

* Set-Neck
* 24.75” Scale
* Mahogany Body
* Spalted Maple Top
* 5 Pc Mahogany-Maple Neck
* Rosewood Fingerboard
* 42mm Standard Nut
* Thin U Neck Contour
* 22 XJ Frets
* Black Nickel Hardware
* ESP Tuners
* TOM Bridge & Tail
* ESP LH-301 (N) p.u.
w/ Push-Pull Coil Tap on Tone Control
BRIDGE PICKUP - SEYMOUR DUNCAN SH13 - Dimebag custom pickup. with coil-tap.
* Finish: NS

I didnt have the chance to touch the guitar the owners out of town atm.
He's selling it for about 350$ ( with a chance to lower a price a bit ) with a case and a strap included.

I saw some vid's on youtube it looks and sounds great but how will the seymour duncan affect the tone in this one ? Is it worth a bargain ? What do you think guys?
I say get it. The Seymour Duncan most likely sounds better then the stock pup that was in there. Just play with it before you actually buy it to make sure you like it
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I agree, sounds like a reasonable offer, but if you can try before buying definitely do, you dont want to end up buying something you hate playing
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i bought the exact same guitar for about $380 new after a little in store discount. the fretwork is a little rough around the edges and the 1st string doesnt sit completely in the nut slot. the angle from the nut to the 1st tuner is too great that it unseats the string a little. its never come completely out while ive been playing and the tone is not affected. other than those things, i love the guitar. the satin finished neck is pretty slick, and overall its a gorgeous looking guitar.

ive also put a dimebucker in the guitar. i wish i hadnt though as i think this pickup sounds best in lower tunings. this guitar is my only one with a 24.75" scale so i keep it in standard or 1/2 step down. that pickup is just to bright for standard tuning. it does sound really good when coil split though.

what i would do is ask the guy to put the stock bridge pup back in and buy it with the stock pups for a discounted price. they actually sound pretty good, and the coil split option further diversifies your tonal options. unless you're wanting a short scale guitar to tune down to C# or lower, which is totally fine too.

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i'd get it 300 dollars aint that much in my opinion.

maybe because my budget is like 300 each month.. but yea try before you buy as usual.