Epiphone Les Paul

Can get an excellent tone out of one of these, and it would be an great intermediate players guitar. Never gigged, bedroom use only.

- 4 tone/volume knobs.
- Black finish with a white scratchboard.
- No noticable dents or scratches to the finish.
- Slight buzz on the low E but easily fixable.


Marshall JCM800 4210

This amp had new tubes a few years back, and has seen very little use since then. Everything you would expect from a JCM800, no frills, it's an absolute tone monster.

- Excellent condition given its age
- Clean and dirty channels, with seperate reverb.
- Footswitch channel switching
- The clean channel volume knob is a little dodgy, but it is probably just dust in the electronics.


I will get picture of both these up as soon as I can. Buyer can pick up from me, or alternative postage can be arranged (the amp is very heavy).

No trades, only interested in money but the prices are negotiable, I'll give you a discount if you buy both!
I want the jcm800, post some pics and is it a head or combo?
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Would you trade the Epi&cash for an Ibanez Prestige?
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I'll consider offers for either of these items, the prices are flexible.
where are you based, im interested in the JCM800

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It's up on Ebay now, still open for collection and you might be able to get it cheaper. I'm in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Marshall JCM 800

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The guitar is also up on Ebay, check it out.

The Epiphone

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Would you take £130 for the guitar seeing as it doesn't have a case ?
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