hi im new 2 guitar can i hav songs 2 learn


I've been playing bass guitar for about 9 months or so, and recently picked up a Burswood guitar and amp for £20 (it plays decently, came with full set of spare strings and only needs one replacement machinehead).

I do have bass lessons, but these are stopping for the summer.

I'm just wondering about how to start learning the guitar. I've had it a couple of weeks, and just been playing around. I know some basic chords (A, E, D, G, Cadd9), and just been playing around with those and trying to get used to a pick.

I'm surprised at the lack of 'Guitar songs for beginners' thread like there is in the bass forum - is there just too many songs?

I'm interested in alternative/progressive rock/lighter metal - such as Muse, Radiohead, RHCP, Snow Patrol, Dream Theater (yup, too fast ), and also Paramore, Mayday Parade, and whatever those are classed as.

I've been looking for songs I like to try and play, but often they're too fast/complex for me. Can anyone recommend any good songs for a beginner?
(I do have a capo)
Chords, picking, or a mixture. Anything, really.

Thanks guys/girls.

EDIT: Realised I posted in the electric guitar forum...if this should be in technique, feel free to move.
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Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers, play the riff with the bass part for extra practice with pull-off and that stuff.

must say i absolutely hated the start of your thread. too much shortening with your words.. =/

definitly try Charlie - form the peppers too not so hard but just reall a GREAT song to play if you get the feel behind it and just jam loose.

good luck! =)
learn some three days grace songs
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The start of the thread was a joke...I really hate it when people type like that. Shame my strikeout tags failed. :P

I shall have a look at Pink Floyd, and Californication seems good as well (can play that well on bass

I've heard a few Three Days Grace songs...shall also have a look.

Thanks guys. Appreciated.
Master of Puppets - Metallica. I learned the intro on my acoustic after playing for about a month. Just learn as far in as you can. It may get a little bit to fast, though.
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Master Of Puppets is a great song...I need to listen to Metallica more. xD

I can see what you mean about the speed, but I definitely want to learn this over the summer. That and Time.

If you like Muse, try learning Exo Politics, Unintended, and Plug in Baby.
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Sublime - What I Got
Beatles - Love Me Do
Muse - Plug In Baby, Map Of Your Head, Escape
Bob Marley - Three Little Birds
Lenny Kravitz - Rock N' Roll Is Dead, Flowers For Zoe
Nirvana - Polly, In Bloom
Oasis - Morning Glory
Radiohead - High and Dry
Snow Patrol - Run

bleh there is loads to chose from, good luck with guitar!
Muse - Unintended, Host, Plug In Baby (you'll need your pinky though)
Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees, Street Spirit
Snow Patrol - Grazed Knees, Run
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Quote by TheCommieDuck
Master Of Puppets is a great song...I need to listen to Metallica more. xD

I can see what you mean about the speed, but I definitely want to learn this over the summer. That and Time.


That is a great song to learn if you are having trouble picking. Learn the spider riff using all down picking, up picking, and alternate picking. It will help with your accuracy and speed. The clean riff in Fade To Black is another great song to practice picking. It will help you pick across strings with accuracy.

Keep in mind, playing fast and sloppy will not help you. Play it correctly until you can speed it up.

Also some great warm up/ practice exercises i found http://www.myguitarsolo.com/gym.htm