So i'm learning a song called Tale of Revenge by the band Ensiferum, and i have everything down except for this one rhythm guitar part which starts on measure 172 (i've attached the GP file). What i've noticed is then when i tremolo pick, my picking hand just keeps going, meaning i end up picking more notes then im supposed to...so for example the beginning of this section of the song starts with an eight note power chord followed by fourteen sixteenth notes followed by an eighth note power chord...i always end up doing fifteen or sixteen sixteenth notes instead of fourteen which naturally totally messes me up. What's an effective way (besides slowing it down which im already doing) when tremolo picking to learn how to play the exact number of notes needed?
Tale of Revenge.gp5
Start off slow enough that you can play it perfectly, without any mistakes, using a metronome. After that, slowly increase your speed, making sure you can play it at that speed perfectly before you move to the next speed, until you get to full speed.

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