Help a newb out.

I'm setting up my pedalboard and looking to power a morley power wah through a Voodoo Lab Iso 5 (100 mA per out). The Morley Wah's power adapter is listed as 300 mA @ 9VDC, but its Current Draw is 5 mA @ 9VDC. Which rating would I go by when determining if it would work with my power supply?

Manual is here for reference.
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Go by the pedal's listed current draw. The adapter is always over-rated for current, so 300mA happened to be what Morley uses. They might make another pedal that draws 250 mA and just use 300mA for all their pedals so they only have to make one kind of adapter.

The Iso 5 should be just fine powering it.
I am no electrical engineer but I do know that the power supply and voodoo lab each supply a potential maximum of 300ma & 100ma, however the wah only uses/needs 5ma so it only draws what it needs. Too little current ( less than 5ma) is more damaging than than too much current. So your only using 5ma out of 100ma etc.

Just get a 2nd/3rd opinion to make sure.
^ No, you were right - the pedal only draws what it needs so oversupplying it with current isn't a problem.

Having a higher voltage, on the other hand...
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