Hey Guys, I don't really know much about recording and such but I'm looking to get into it. I've narrowed down several recording packages that I feel will get me going.

This one I found is the cheapest, and I'm leaning towards this one.

Is the increase of price ($300-$400), match the increase in quality of these packages. Obviously I expect better mics and such, but for a recording rookie is it necessary. I have no problem spending up to $400 but I don't want to spend extra if there is no real benefit from it.

Here are all the other packages.

Thanks for any input.
the monitors in that first starter kit are not outstanding...nothing I would spend money on just to have monitors, but they work and the mic is ok for starting out on.

As always, you get more quality with the higher range prices but you don't really see much difference in sound between the interface in the $150-300 price range. Mics at that point are going to be what you would want to upgrade. Preamps in the interface won't make a difference until you spend $400+ on a single...double that or so for a double.

I personally run a PreSonus FP10 which is quite old, new to me, but I love the preamps on it and the sound quality is quite nice. I wish I could get the drivers to be stable on my PC but they are not and so I'm going back to another M-Audio brand interface....Probably the ProFire 2626.