I just replaced my Ovations acoustic strings with electric 10's and they sound great except for my b which sounds like a sitar. Its only the B too, and no matter what fret you play it sounds like it. Its weird because the high E is closer to the neck than the B.... Idk what to do but its really bothering me. Thanks!
Electric guitar strings aren't meant to sound good acoustically. That's why there are acoustic guitar strings, designed specifically for acoustic applications.

Also, use a ruler to measure the distance from the fretboard for the high E and B strings. It could very well be an optical illusion. Measure from the bottom of the string to the fretboard at the same fret.
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The B string is often agreed upon as the most "nasal" sounding string. The fact that you're using electric strings, and playing a guitar with plastic back and sides, is probably not helping much with that.
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The string may simply be buzzing a bit due to less tension/smaller diameter. Try going back to a more appropriate string and see if that cures the problem.

If you really want extra-light strings, the guitar can be set up for that; but it would require some work on the action. And going "up" rather than "down" can be more expensive.