Hi This isn't for me I play BASSS but my friends wanting to start of on guitar and hes a stubborn fool and won't learn any green day. Could you recommend something else?
I love my noob bass =]
Throw some Yngwie Malmsteen at him, that'll whip him into shape

But in all honesty simple punk songs are pretty good to start out with. Or something like Sweet Home Alabama, that was the first song I learned.
Mainstream stuff, like Blink, Greenday (pretty much punk in general)
Nickleback - Hero, The Calling, Creed, Nirvana (Teen Spirit) etc. easy songs for beginners.
Mainstream rock, punk etc.
He could get his rhythm started off by playing some Lamb of God,, you know just for kicks.

In all seriousness i agree with Philly, most punk songs are just basic power chords and are pretty easy to learn given that you know the basics of guitar playing.
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Black Sabbath has some easy and powerful riffs.

I don't blame him for avoiding Green Day. hahaha...
Nirvana songs are easy and Planet Claire by The B-52's is also very easy as the riff doesn't go any higher than the fifth fret.
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Good on him for not wanting to play Green Day. Everlong wasn't too bad, I think. Tune to drop D, and its all power chords.

Hallelujah maybe?
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