Hey there! For our church this Sunday, we are doing that kids song I got the Joy but very gospel/jazz/blues oldies style, the way it was originally written, and I am having so much trouble with it. I cannot find anyone doing it this way online either...

The chord prog is

Now the actual chords I can play just fine or else I wouldn't be on a guitar forum but I'm having trouble with the timing. We are thinking like a gospel 6/8 or more of a blues and I can't figure it out. Should I go between the 6th and 7th like classic blues or not? Any help?
Jazz and blues is all about the feeling. Do what feels right, play a bit with the rythm, just go along with the chord progression and don't worry about it too much. It has to have a "swing" feeling to it.

Good luck with the performance
I'm kinda feeling it a bit and we have an amazing guitarist helping us this week so possibly I can work with him. Piano leads this song though and for some reason can't figure out any solo work either...C blues isn't workin.
Either way man I'm scheduled to do a solo if I can manage it so thank you so much for the tips guys! Luckily a friend of mine had played this song and it turns out I was really close...just a bit slower. Very black gospel