Hey there ,
I'm looking for a 2 channel tube amplifier, around 30 watts in order to play classic rock/ pop rocky stuff - Covers and originals stuff . Got a budget around 700 GB pounds

ATM i have an orange tiny terror which (IMO) sounds amazing, but due to only having 1 channel i have some problems with switching from clean to crunch (not gonna go into how i do it, just have dramatic volume differences which is a pain). The obvious choice would be a dual terror, but feel as if i'm wasting a bit of money on getting another "tiny terror" (if u catch my drift). Looked at an AC30 but don't like the new AC Customs (don't sound as good as CC's).

Have been intrigued by these Bugera amps i seen advertised and heard about on the net. Read very varied stuff about them, being knock off's, breaking down but for the price and what i've heard i (IMO) think they sound pretty good. Interesting to see they bringing out two new "Mesa Copies" with the Bugera Magician (Mark V copy) being very tempting
and thought the best place to come for advise would be here

any advise would be greatly appreciated
It may be a bit out of your range but you could possibly get an ENGL screamer for around £800 new, or an ENGL Thunder for around £650 new.

Both of these would be able to do the genres you specified and then some......
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Used ac30cc's pop up on ebay all the time and there are always bargains to be had
worth looking into if that's the route you want to go but i would also reccomend you check out a blackstar ht-40, and if and when they come out, an orange thunder 30.
I have a marshall vintage modern 100 watt head (it was my first valve amp, and yes its too frikin loud). Haven't heard much of the engl's so i'm defo gonna check them out. Tried the blackstar's and loved the clean, but wasn't too impressed with the od channel (wasn't ballsy enough) but that was my opinion and also i tried it at music shop volume, which could have been the problem . Thanks very much for feedback so far any more advise would be ace
^The Jet City is only a single channel.

Have you checked out a Krank Rev Jr. Pro?
rocker 30 combo?
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Looked at the Thunder 30 (apparently replacing the rocker 30). Sounds very beefy!!!! gonna defo check this out when it officially released. Anyone have any hands on experience with it?? (like a sneaky peak play?)
The Thunder 30 had its release bumped back, I don't think it's out yet. I know there is a forum member here who ordered one a few months back and is still waiting on it.