So, my uncle fell asleep watching a documentary on ice hotels. It takes almost 4 months to build the hotels, they build in Quebec (say they start in October and finish in mid January or February, also taking into account the delays). After they finish the hotel it is in operation for 3 months. And then spring comes and the hotel is dubbed unsafe. So after 3 months of operation they then knock the hotel down. What's the point of that? If they are going to build an ice hotel then why don't they build it up further north where it can be in business for a lot longer time period?

So Pit, what kinda of hotel would you build and where??


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I would dig a hole and call it the Pit Hotel, totally.
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Pfft, who needs hotels...
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I work in a 5 star hotel, guess what - it isn't made of ice. What a stupid idea. Cool if you are like 12 if not, you see how impractical building a hotel out of ice is and the idea is not at all interesting.
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Same idea, but with my own unique spin on it.
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